What To Expect When Your Pet Needs Surgery

We understand deciding for your pet to have surgery is not easy to make. Some surgeries are immediately necessary, while others are considered preventative.  Regardless of the nature of your pet’s surgery, we do our best to provide the safest anesthetic experience for your pet.

Before Surgery
Drop your pet off on the day of surgery between 7 a.m. - 8 a.m. All patients should fast from 7 p.m. the night before.  The patient may have access to water until the time of drop off.

Day of Surgery
On the day of surgery, the receptionist will discuss pre-operative lab work to check for any underlying medical conditions that could affect the surgery.  Each pet will be given a surgical cocktail to relax and start the pain control procedure. The pre-medication is specifically chosen for them based on age, breed, medical condition(s), and the surgery being performed.

An  IV catheter is placed to induce anesthesia, maintain IV access, and administer IV fluids throughout the procedure. After the patient is anesthetized, an endotracheal tube is placed and the pet is maintained on inhalant anesthesia.

During surgery, the patient is monitored by the veterinarian along with a highly trained technician. Heart rate, blood pressure, CO2, core body temperature, and blood oxygen levels are monitored throughout each procedure.

After Surgery
After surgery, the endotracheal tube remains in place until the patients are conscious enough to swallow.  They are placed on the heated floors of our recovery unit to help maintain their body temperature.  The technician that assisted in surgery will call you with an update once your pet has fully recovered.  Most surgery patients will be released the follow day unless otherwise discussed by your veterinarian. 

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