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I have always loved pets but after working with animals at the clinic day after day, I can't imagine having another job that could bring me as much satisfaction and joy. The animals are always so happy to see you. It's hard to say who makes whose day better; you or them.

I always want clients to feel like their baby is going to be fine whether it’s their first time using our boarding facility or their tenth. I try my best to assure them we will make them as comfortable as possible. I like to give tours of our facility so clients can see where their baby will be staying.

It is the animals that make our job special and also the doctors. We are all so proud of our doctors and their dedication to all of our clients; I’m happy to be a part of it.

I love all pets but have an extra soft spot for kitties. My kitty babies are Meana, Maxine, Ginger, and Felina-my grand kitty. They all have their quirky ways that make each of them special to my heart. I love them all so much