Do you offer payment plans?

We proudly accept the CareCredit credit card to help you finance your healthcare needs. Now you can pay online with CareCredit to help pay at the time of care, when you get a post-care bill, or up to 30 days before your appointment, quickly and securely. Special financing options are available.*

*Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required. Promotional financing options are available on purchases of $200 or more. Standard Account Terms apply to purchases of less than $200. Promotional financing options available through Pay My Provider may differ from options available in-office.

I have a new puppy, what do I need to do?

Congratulations on your new puppy!  We recommend scheduling your puppies initial appointment as soon as possible.  Puppies require a series of vaccinations to prevent various diseases that can be harmful to your puppy.   Upon their initial visit, your veterinarian will perform a complete nose to tail physical exam,  a total parasite check, including testing for giardia and if your pet is due we will administer your puppies vaccination(s).  Your veterinarian will consider your pets lifestyle and exposure risks when determining what vaccines your pet will need.   Our knowledgeable team will discuss potty training and answer any questions  you may have.  Your puppy will be sent home with their first dose of flea and heartworm prevention and a sample bag of puppy food.

My pet is mostly indoors, can he/she still get heartworms?

Yes, it only takes 1 bite from an infected mosquito to cause heartworm disease.  Heartworm disease is a serious, potentially life threatening disease in pets.  Heartworms are foot-long worms that live in the heart, lungs and associated blood vessels, causing lasting damage to the heart, lungs and arteries, and can affect the dog’s health and quality of life long after the parasites are gone. Heartworm prevention is relatively inexpensive and also protects your pet from other common intestinal parasites that can be hazardous to humans.

Do you offer pet insurance?

We accept pet insurance from all pet insurance companies.