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About Sulphur Animal Clinic

The Pet Professionals

Sulphur Animal Clinic is a full-service Veterinary Hospital and Luxury Boarding facility.   Our Veterinary Hospital is staffed by a team of dedicated veterinary professionals.

Rest assured your beloved companion is in the best hands at Sulphur Animal Clinic. Contact us to set up an appointment today.

Our Team

Dr. Courville


Dr. Courville has been at Sulphur Animal Clinic since 1994 and has owned the practice since 1997. He is a graduate of Louisiana State University's School of Veterinary Science.


Dr. Newman


Dr. Newman has been practicing since 2004, and has been with Sulphur Animal Clinic since 2012. She graduated from the School of Veterinary Science at LSU in 2004.


Dr. Whatley


Dr. Whatley has been practicing medicine at Sulphur Animal Clinic since 2017. After working part time as a kennel assistant in high school, Dr. Whatley always knew that Sulphur Animal Clinic was going to be her dream job.

Dr. Whatley.jpg


Registered Veterinary Technician

Growing up, I was always drawn to the well being of animals and knew I wanted to help them.  When I meet with clients, I want to give them the best experience possible and to show them that we really do care about them and their pet.  I enjoy going to work every day because each day is different and a new challenge that I hope pushes me to my highest potential while hoping to make a pets quality of life improved. 

At home, I have 3 dogs, 1 cat, 3 birds and 3 horses. They are my extended family and I enjoy spending time with them.



Registered Veterinary Technician

I have always had a passion for anything in the medical field and have loved animals since I was young. I was excited to pursue a career in veterinary technology to challenge myself and help animals and people. I find it very fulfilling to educate people, answer questions, and have a relationship with clients and patients from puppy to the end of their lives. I enjoy going to work because of the people I work with, the fact that I never know what to expect and every day is a possibility to help more animals.

I have 2 pets at home; an 8 year old Pit mix, Twix and a 2 year old black rescue kitty, Bucky (short for Buckeye-GO OHIO STATE). Twix is always happy to meet new people & is a familiar face at the clinic as a blood donor & helps new employees practice their skills (for a few treats).  I am blessed to have both my boys and love them so much.

I am truly blessed to the people in my life that I have and the boss that I work for.

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Veterinary Assistant

It's crazy to think I never saw myself working in a veterinary clinic but have been involved in dog and cat rescue my entire life.  After working at Sulphur Animal Clinic for more than 10 years, I can honestly say I couldn't imagine myself doing anything else.  I absolutely love helping our animal patients and helping educate their families to be the best pet owners they can be.  I love learning and helping others learn.  My favorite part of my job is connecting with our patients and their families and helping to grow their human-animal bond.  We all know that our pets are family members and it's much easier to get along and enjoy each other when we (our pets and family) are on the same page.

I have been married to my husband, Brad, for half my life.  We have 2 very active children, Kambree and Bryton, 4 rescue dogs- Raine, Cane (AKA Bubba), Simone and Sadie, and 1 rescue cat named Louis.  Together we enjoy traveling, camping, hiking, kayaking, fishing, scouting and riding 4 wheelers.

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Veterinary Assistant

I was an active member of 4H & FFA in high school and have always loved animals. After high school, I obtained a degree in Animal Science from McNeese State University and am currently pursuing a degree in Veterinary Technology through Penn Foster.


I am married to my high school sweetheart of 14 years and together we have 4 children, 2 girls and 2 boys. Our family has 2 dogs; a 9 year old lab, Beretta and a 3 year old Labradoodle, Mayzi. We also have Rena Max, a 7 year old Tabby who knows how to sit & come on command, enjoys eating and being lazy. After Hurricane Laura, a stray tomcat found us. He enjoys hunting outside but likes to sleep with us inside at night. He truly is the “luckiest Tom”!

At work, my goal is to make our clients feel comfortable with the treatment of their animals and to make sure they truly understand information about vaccines and prevention. My work family and Doctors are all truly incredible.

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Veterinary Assistant

As a little girl, I brought home animals that needed a home or were injured. As I got older, I realized my passion is to care for and nurture them. It gives me a feeling of completeness to know that I can be the reason an animal is thriving. I am currently going to school to get my RVT and specialize in dermatology.


My favorite part of my job is to educate clients about their pets’ health and what we do as a clinic. Anytime I speak to clients, my goal is to educate them and build a bond with them. I want our clients to know we have the best intentions for their pets and they are safe in our hands.


Every morning I am excited to go to work. Walking through the doors gives me a feeling of pure enthusiasm. The best feeling is to check on sick pets and to watch their progress each day. Every time a sick pet goes home I feel our job is complete and we’ve made a difference. I enjoy seeing my co-workers every day too.

I have 3 dogs at home. Spot, a 13 year old lab mix who was my 1st dog Ive raised from a pup. We got Auzzy when he was 4 months old and he is what keeps our family running. MJ, a 4 year old Pit mix was my first ever rescue.  All 3 of my fur babies have my heart. My dream is to rescue as many dogs as I can and give them the best life possible. My pups inspire me each day to continue my career in veterinary medicine.



Veterinary Assistant

Since a very young age I knew that I wanted to be a part of the veterinary industry.  Growing up on a small farm just fueled my passion for animals.  We raised cattle and had a variety of animals growing up.  Throughout grade school I raised and showed cattle, swine, rabbits and goats for 4-H and FFA.  After graduation I enrolled in college to pursue a degree in Animal Science.  I obtained my first job in a veterinary practice in 2000 and have only ever worked in a clinic since.  I have worked in several different states as well as many different species of animals.

Patient care is a high priority for me, which includes engaging with clients.  Our clients are a vital part of figuring out what will be the best route of care for their pets.  Obtaining a detailed history on how pets are doing at home greatly impacts what course of action will be taken to care for both wellness care and sick patients alike.  Our ultimate goal is to do the best for our patients with the means that the pet owners are able to provide.

Animals of all kind have always captured a part of my heart.  Working in the veterinary industry is a large part of my life that I am extremely passionate about.  Since joining the Sulphur Animal Clinic team in 2020, I feel that I have become a part of a family rather than just an employee.  I look forward to coming into work each and every day knowing that I can make a difference regardless of how big or small it may be.  Working with the best team around is just a huge bonus!

I have several pets that I consider a part of my family.  Daisy is the name of my cat.  She joined my family about 6 years ago when her previous owner could no longer care for her.  She is an absolute joy to have in the house.  She loves to play with the dogs and also  loves to curl up on any available lap that is willing to have her.  Ruger is the name of my Dachshund mix.  He has been a part of the family for the past 11 years.  I have had him since he was 6 weeks old and I could not imagine my household without him.  He has personality far larger than himself.  He loves to play fetch, cuddle under blankets, and just occupy my space as long as I'll allow it.  Along with the pets that permanently reside in my house I also have fostered many other pets over the past 10 years.  I will always have a pet in my household because they improve the quality of my life and fill my heart.

Cute Dog


Veterinary Assistant

I joined this field because I love helping animals. I enjoy learning and teaching owners about their pets. In this field, there will always be new things to learn as new research is developed. Each day is more exciting and different than the last and I learn something new. I also enjoy having co-workers who also share the same love for each animal that comes through the door. 

I have had the joy of loving both of my dogs for 5 years. We had Ellie first and I never liked leaving her alone so we made the best decision to get her sister, Aria. They do everything together and have never been apart. My cat, Alaska, joined our pack 4 years ago. Alaska has grown up with both dogs and some days I believe he thinks hes a dog; I think he would like to bark and be outside! I foresee myself adding more animals to my pack and giving them their best lives!



Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist

As early as an elementary aged girl, you could find me feeding the neighborhood strays or sneaking an injured animal in the house.  I always knew my heart would be in Veterinary Medicine.  Even after 15 years in the field, each day I wake up to fulfill my passion; not to simply report to a job.  I take great pride in providing comfort to my patients while they heal but are away from their families in a strange environment.  The most rewarding aspect of this job is to pour our hearts into a critically ill pet that comes in the door and walk out of our doors to their smiling families.  I have special interests in surgery and emergency medicine.

When not working in the clinic, I enjoy hikes, enjoying all the outdoor activities of SWLA, traveling, livestock shows and spending time with my 3 girls, Chaeleigh, Hayesleigh and Rynleigh plus our many animals at home.  We share our home with 2 dogs, a cat, goats, chickens and show rabbits.



Veterinary Assistant


Receptionist/Veterinary Assistant

 I pursued a career in this field because I've always loved  animals and wanted to care for them. Nothing has changed. I believe people can make the best decisions for their pets when they are educated on the subject. It is my goal to help them with this with the in depth knowledge that this field requires us to have.  I don’t want to leave a conversation until I know I have educated an owner to the best of my ability. This field is exhausting; physically, mentally and emotionally. You show up for the good days, for the ones you can save, to comfort owners during tough decisions, and to be joyful with families when they add a new member to their family.  Your co-workers become closer to you than some of your actual family. Being here is more than a job; it is a way of life.

My family is myself, my husband Josh, our daughter Piper, a 3 legged cat we call Kitten, and Marvin who was rescued from the clinic when he was brought in paralyzed. We recently lost our lab mix, Allie. If you come to the clinic, you might see her paw print on my arm. All of our fur babies are like our children.


According to my mom, I always said I wanted to be a vet. I’ve always had a heart for animals and decided to take a shot at this position when there was a job opening. I quickly realized this is what I wanted to do.

When I engage with clients, I want them to feel that we care and their wants and needs for their fur babies are to the top of their expectations.

Before working at Sulphur Animal Clinic, I wanted to be a stay at home mom. After working here, I love what I do so much and enjoy the people that I work with that I wanted to keep working.

My family consists of my husband, Tyler and our two sweet girls, Kinsley and Taylee. Outside of work, my favorite thing to do is to be with my kids, husband and our two fur babies, Phoebe and Drake who enjoy our company & being outside.

Haley and Phoebe.jpg



I grew up in a very animal filled household, and have been in love with all animals my entire life.

I want our clients to be comfortable conversing with us, and feel confident that we have their pets best interest at the top of our priority list. I absolutely love my co-workers and bosses.  I love the clientele and seeing new pets each and everyday.

Zoe my 8 month old Tortoiseshell cat is the absolute love of my life.  She brings me so much joy.  I also have my parents two dogs Cloud and Shera, Carin Terriers, who are a part of my life. 



Kennell Attendant

I have always loved pets but after working with animals at the clinic day after day, I cant imagine having another job that could bring me as much satisfaction and joy. The animals are always so happy to see you. Its hard to say who makes whose day better; you or them.

I always want clients to feel like their baby is going to be fine whether it’s their first time using our boarding facility or their tenth. I try my best to assure them we will make them as comfortable as possible. I like to give tours of our facility so clients can see where their baby will be staying.

It is the animals that make our job special and also the doctors. We are all so proud of our doctors and their dedication to all of our clients; I’m happy to be a part of it.

I love all pets but have an extra soft spot for kitties. My kitty babies are Meana, Maxine, Ginger, and Felina-my grand-kitty. They all have their quirky ways that make each of them special to my heart. I love them all so much

Phyllis 5.JPG


Kennel Attendant

Lyndzi joined Sulphur Animal Clinic in 2019. She gives all of her patients the extra care and love they need while boarding.



Lounge Specialist

Stray-ce joined our Sulphur Animal Clinic family in 2016.  She takes her lounging job very seriously.  You will catch her on her favorite kitty bed  or eating her favorite kibble.